The first thing people do after buying the new camera is start clicking, with or without focus!
Focus is critical to all the images for both normal and creative photography.

I suggest the below for beginners.

1. Please read the manual first and understand about the focus points/focus area and focus lock behavior of the camera.
2. Switch on the camera and start practicing what was read.
3. Cameras have difficulties in focusing in certain situations like a subject in busy backgrounds, in flight, low light etc. learn more about those situations.
4. Understand your camera focus capabilities in the above situations and use the appropriate settings accordingly.
5. Read and understand Manual Focus and its importance.
6. Few instances are good for Manual focus, so do not use it unless you are completely aware of those situations ex some Macro work.
7. Experiment on focusing in Live View if available and the situations of live view to use ex. sun rise, sun sets etc to avoid hurting eyes.
8. Get the knowledge on subjects to know which areas to be focused like Eyes etc

List grows… So read atleast the minimum and then start taking photos.

Happy Clicking!