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The above image was taken in RAW and processed.

Disclaimer: Please see the comment @12-04-2011 16:33:50 in

The advantages of shooting RAW related to this post here are.
1. Adjusting the White Balance
2. Exposure

For the first time I have shot in RAW+Fine JPEG mode as an experiment in April next to my home in Bangalore around 7 am.
Surprised to see Western/Eurasian Marsh Harrier Female in the morning searching for the food around!
Sun was playing hide and seek with me, very low light (Typical Bangalore Morning Light)

The following one is direct from camera Jpeg with the default camera settings like
1. Auto Whit Balance
2. Exposure Compensation -1/3 EV
3. Accidentally set Vivid Picture Control (More Saturation)

Getting even a record shot from the above jpeg is extremely difficult as it lacks everything.

So I have taken the corresponding RAW file and did the basic processing on
1. Exposure Compensation around +1.7 EV
2. White Balance set to Direct Sunlight – 5200K
3. Cropping for better view of the subject

And applied Noise reduction and sharpening in Neat Image which looks as follows.

Atleast now it can be used as a record of this species in our area!