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The above image is an example of exceptional performance of Nikon D800E sensor (manufactured by Sony).

Dynamic Range of Camera sensors are extremely important for Photographers like me where I can completely concentrate on capturing the moments I want in the field than bothering about the camera settings for each shot.

I want to make this post self explanatory with Images than text, please judge yourself.

Below are with Nikon D90 – 7 year old sensor technology

This below example is an accidental shot, still a keeper 🙂 🙂
Example 1:
Image out of the camera
Image out of the camera 100% crop
Image pushed around +5 stops in Post processing
Image pushed +5 stops in Post processing 100% crop
Ideally this image should be shot with more Depth of field, please check this link – Tip: Shooting at Small Apertures

Example 2:
Image out of the camera
Image pushed in Post processing, details are in the image itself
Final image

Below are with Nikon D800E
Example 3:
Image out of the camera
Final Image, pushed +3 stops in post processing
Extreme left bottom corner Out of the camera
Extreme left bottom in the Final Image 100pc crop
Before Shadow lifting, lower bottom
After Shadow lifting, lower bottom
After Shadow lifting and Processing, lower bottom
Saw the Black Kite? Advantage of 36 MP Resolution!

Keep shooting…